Jacob Lindborg…

“Why should I hire you?”, you curiously ask. I’m your unicorn, a never before seen skillset, taking your business goals to the next level. I’m a unique hybrid between business, design & technology, without compromises…

I define myself as a tech savvy design evangelist; a corporate unicorn & author of Progressive Design. I envision, theorize and develop customer-centric concepts, quantifiable methodologies and strategic business platforms, soaked in storytelling and innovative technology.

Design is not a matter of taste, it’s a business. Design is not a result, it’s a process. Design is not a product, it’s an experience. I’m the author of progressive design theory and the book series that covers the principles at lindborg.io/books/.

My design ideology is rooted in business insights, technology exploration, pattern analysis and cultivating leadership.

I design theories, services, concepts and insightful softwaresolutions. I lead and inspire tech savvy designs, fuelling them with desires from poetry, engineering, architecture and artistry. I cultivate my teams to collaborate and be candid with each other, thus achieving together. I fill my plate each day with the wonders and far edges of this creative and inventive world, incorporating business and emotional logic, throughout the process.

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Curriculum Vitae

Clients & References

CocaCola, Dell, LEGO, Universal Music, Tuborg, Microsoft, Viasat, TV2 Denmark, Club Nokia, DreamWorks, KiMs, Canon, Discovery, GSK, StarTour, Siemens, Mærsk, Skoda, VisitDenmark, Mentos, TDC, Lycos, Citibank, Jubii, DFDS, Scandlines, Nordea, Haribo, Leasy. See my references …


COO & Founder at MSB by Design

2017 – present time.

COO — Head of Design & Development at MSB

2016 – present time.

Author — The Design Startup


Creative Lead – Disruptive Design at Bang & Olufsen

2014 – 2016.

Author — Designing Customer Experiences


Creative Director — Head of Design & Development at Webfighter

2010 – 2014.

Author — Service Design Solutions


Author — Product Design Dilemmas


Head of Design & Development at Pixiate

2005 – 2010.

Lean Design Methodology at ITU University

2005 – 2009.

Senior Concept Lead at KathArt Interactive

2006 – 2008.

Senior Concept Lead at TBWA

2005 – 2007.

Enterprise Architect at Lycos

2003 – 2005.

System Architect at Integration X

2002 – 2003.

Designer & Developer at Creuna

2000 – 2002.

Designer & Developer at Netfocus

1999 – 2000.

Designer & Developer at ZerOne

1998 – 1999.

I’m a Poet…

Branding, Marketing & Storytelling

Storytelling is a strategy that communicates powerful ideas through a compelling story arc, with your customer at the heart of the story, and delivered through interactive and immersive visual media; in order to create profitable customer engagements.

Visionary- & Disruptive Designs

I always study the patterns in the market, tectonic shifts, customer trends and emerging technology; using it to my advantage to create a resonating and captivating story, disrupting the market with new ideas.

Leadership & Empowerment

I lead and inspire product designs, fuelling them with desires from poetry, engineering, architecture and artistry. I cultivate my teams to collaborate and be candid with each other, thus achieving more together. A work with a model, where speed and quality is derived from a shared feeling of consensus, empowerment and grit.

I’m an Artist…

Communication & User Experience (UX)

It’s all about creating an intuitive and solid foundation for your design process. Going through concept-, information-, interaction- and function-design is just the beginning of my work. Analysing the users behaviour and building a solid media strategy is the building blocks for all my designs. Intuitive, user friendly and functional designs, with beautiful pixels and aesthetics is my goal.

Responsive Design

My designs are based on my extensive programming knowledge, creating dynamic and intuitive designs that will adapt to any media and user experience. Bringing strategic design and programming skills together, creates a rich and balanced product between artwork and functionality, that will be useable on any canvas, tablet, mobile phone or desktop platform.

Drawing & Sketching

Pencil drawings, sketching & vector drawing. Review my latest drawings …

Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign

Raw drawing & Vector drawing. Aesthetic, Artistic & Creative designs. Online & prepress designs. Website & Application designs. Logo/Brand creations, values & references. Design profiling, Conceptualizing, Interaction & Usability. Review my latest designs …

Adobe Flash®, Flex® & Air®

Drawing & raw animations (cartoons). Object design & animation. Interface & application design. Backend implementation. Dynamic, interactive & variable design. Viral ad, website & microsite design. xHTML, JavaScript & CSS integration. Multimedia, sound & video-streaming. Webcam & Mic support. Stand-alone player development for widgets, apps & offline games through Adobe Flash, Flex or Air. Advance game design & animation. Intuitive & Innovative ad designs. Review my latest flash projects …

Cinema 4D & Swift 3D

Miscellaneous 3D animations. Review my latest 3D projects …

I’m an Architect…

I do not reinvent the wheel – instead – I adopt, adapt and aspire towards better designs, building upon the achievements of others, matching trending market patterns. I can see further than others, because I stand upon the shoulders of giants.

UI Sketching, Wireframing & Prototyping

Adobe XD, Sketch, Axure, InVision & PencilApp. More abstract concepts through Keynote or video animations. Visualising ideas, through cardboard cut-outs and pencil drawings for a brainstorming session.

System Architecture, Infrastructure & Integrations

Template markers for database, frontend & backend integration. Sketching system integrations and data format exchange. Defining internal system infrastructures and setups for running the projects.

Social Platforms

Facebook® Social Plugins. Facebook® Graph API for Flash, JavaScript & PHP. Facebook® SDK for JavaScript & PHP. XFBML markup integration. PHP cURL twitter integration. OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol. Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook Adwords. Review my social media projects …

CMS & E-commerce Platforms

Sitecore, EPIserver, Joomla®, WordPress® 3+ & Drupal programming, administration og designs. WordPress® XML-RPC protocol integration. e-conomic, osCommerce & Magento® programming, administration og designs. DynamicWeb® & Tangora® design and administration.

Analytics Platforms

Google Analytics® Integration, Reports/Exports & API. AddThis® Integration & API.

Systems & Servers

OSX, Linux, Unix & Windows. CLI. AWS Cloud Services, EC2, RDS, Edge/Proxy/CDN Serveres, S3 HTTP & Streaming CDN Solutions, CloudFront Global Caching Networks, Route 54 DNS Management & Server Load Balancing.

Version Control, Deployment & Code Review

GIT, BeanstalkApp & Github. Subversion. Mercurial.

I’m an Engineer…


IDEs Eclipse, Atom.io, Coda (and many more). Cloud IDEs GitHub, BeanstalkApp, Cloud9, Codenvy, Codiad.

PHP 7.0

PHP 4.0, 5.0 & 7.0. Class extensions & interfacing. Private, protected, final, public, dynamic & static keywords. Type definitions & casting. Event technics & handling. XML protocols. Crossdomain Server, database & chat communication. Implementation & Development of class package. Advance Regular expressions & search patterns. Bit operations, binary data handling, cryption & hash keys. Event & Errors. Advance variable handling. Session, Cach & Cookie handling. Environment & Server variables. IP & HTTP protocols.IMAP/POP3 mail development. Dynamic server graphic. Advance format & design. AI programming. Apache mods. zLib (ZIP) pack/unpack. cURLs. Review my PHP projects …


Miscellaneous programming.

MySQL, MsSQL & PostgreSQL

Insert, Update, Replace, Delete & Select Queries. Advanced table join (left, right, inner, full etc.) query. Limit, Group & Order. Function & Variable definitions. Field type operations. Primary, Unique & Index allocations. Multi Query operations. Query optimisation. Database optimisation.

ActionScript 3.0 & MMX (Flash Builder & Flex Framework)

ActionScript 1.0, 2.0 og 3.0. Class extensions & interfacing. Private, protected, final, public, dynamic & static keywords. Type definitions & casting. Event technics & handling. User Interface, Keyboard & Mouse. Flash XML protocols. Flash XML server, database & chat communication. Implementation & Development of class package. Advance XML design, development, streaming, drawing & protocols. Advance interactive development & animation. Advance E4X XML syntax. Namespace data development. Regular expressions. Bit operations, binary data handling, cryption & hash keys. Swiff & binary protocols. Get & Set, Throw & Catch, Event & Errors. Review my actionscript projects …

Objective-C & iOS Frameworks

React Native. iPhone-, iPad- & iPod Touch UI frameworks. Cordova framework & PhoneGab Build Box. Review my iPhone/iPad projects …

JavaScript, React.js, Ajax, Spry, jQuery, MooTools & Prototype Frameworks

Framework development. Advance web application development. React.js, Ajax, Spry, jQuery, MooTools & Prototype integration/extensions. DOM development. Browser compatibility. Live Usability & Dynamic design (dHTML). Advance dynamic CSS development.

SWF, JPG & GIF Binary Programming

Development af binary IO applications for reading and writing runtime SWF, JPG and GIF files for use in dynamic graphic server environments.

Java, Perl, CGI, ASP, .NET, C & C++

Miscellaneous programming.


S3 setup, logs and regulations. CloudFront disitrubtion, caching and validation. Route53 DNS configuration and load balancing.


Node structure & attributes. Architecture & Namespacing. TOC. Charsets. Path Translations.

HTML 5.0

Node structure & attributes. Architecture & Namespacing. Charsets. Tabel & non-table design architectures. Dynamic Viewport designs.

CSS 3.0

Advance use of HTML5 & CSS 3.0. Development of clean, complex and browser-friendly CSS designs. Advance CSS Scope architecture. Node, Class, ID, Scope, Pseudo & Event CSS selector types. Advance designs with spacing, display, position, format og float attributes through CSS. JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 integration. Creative development of auto and inherit attributes. CSS frameworks SASS, Less, CSS Resets. Default node settings. Advance croosdomain At-rules like @import, @charset, @media & @namespace. Tabel & non-table design architectures. Node display types with advance block and inline behaviors.

Mobile Web, WAP & WBMP

xHTML, HTML & WAP for mobile devices. Webkit & iOS Webkit framework. Viewport oriented designs.

ATOM, RSS 2.0, MMXL 1.0, NOA 1.0 & SOCL 1.0

Miscellaneous XML development.



Fluent in speaking/writing English (UK/USA) & Danish. Understandable in speaking/writing Swedish & Norwegian.


1998-2001, CPH WEST

Higher Technical Examination (HTX), Product Design

1997-1998, Niels Brock


1988-1997, The Royal Vajsenhus

Art & Math